RoboLink Numbers for Early Math Skills

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Your Child Will Love Learning about Numbers with This Awesome Number-to-Robot Morphing Set

Combining playtime with education is a fun way for kids to learn. So what better way to do that than the RoboLink Numbers toy set?

  • Learn to identify numbers and colors by their names
  • Pick up arithmetic skills - Add, subtract, multiply and divide
  • Develop fine motor skills building the robot
  • Makes learning fun and enjoyable

Bring out the Genius in
Your Little One

Kids would never miss anything for some robo-transforming fun. RoboLink combines both fun and play into a playful educational set.

Benefits for Brilliant Brains:

Cognitive Thinking

Identify Shapes & Colors

Spatial Awareness and Reasoning

Hand-Eye Coordination

Develop Creativity

Recognize Number Patterns

Play, Learn and Grow Together:

  • "Find RoboLink 9 and transform it!"
  • "Line the robots up in ascending order"
  • "Can you find the RoboLink that equals to 2 + 5?"
  • "Great job buddy! Now go build that giant robot!"

Learning through play is key in the early development of your child's brain.
Kids learn an enormous amount through their imagination and it's play that pulls together the logical and creative parts of their brain.

Just watch your child fiddle with the RoboLink and lay out mathematically correct formulas right in front of you!

What's included

This educational toy includes 10 RoboLink Numbers and Mathematical operation symbols which you can transform and snap together to form the Ultimate NumberBot.

Perfect for kids of all ages and is a surefire entertaining way to encourage learning about numbers and colors.


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