Practical electromagnetic coil drill

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Magnetic Driver Bits 1/4 Inch Hexagonal Shank 65MM Length Universal Magnetic Coil Bit In Stock

Derived from American technology and quality standards


  • Made of high-strength S2 alloy steel, these screwdriver bits are very durable.
  • Screwdriver bits has strong magnetism and would attract screws and hold screws firmly.
  • These screwdriver bits have a collar that acts as a stop, preventing the bit from following the screw head into the drywall--once the collar contacts the drywall skin, the bit cannot proceed any further.
  • With 1/4inch hex shank, they are widely used on many power drills or cordless drills.
  • Using these screwdriver bits, drywall screw head will stretch and dimple the drywall skin, but not ruptured it.

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    Material: steel
    Color: Blue, green, yellow, purple, red
    Weight: 13g/pc

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    • 1 65MM drill bit

      1 SET(5 PCS-$4.39/pc)

      • 5 65MM drill bits

      2 SETS(SAVE $14)

      • 10 65MM drill bits

      Buy 3 get 2 free-5 sets($9.59/set)

      • 25 65MM drill bits

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      • 50 65MM drill bits

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