Renegade - Sleeveless Hoodie

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Style: Charcoal
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The Renegade sleeveless hoodie gives its take on the latest fashion trend. Subtly blend today’s core essential with your hooded active top.
  • Half-Face Coverage: Your first defense against particles, covering your mouth and nose, filtering out pollution and large droplets.
  • Edgy & Funky: Styled yet laid back, creating a fashion you'd want to wear around the house, on a run, the park, anywhere.
  • Soft Comfort: Cozy fit with its lightweight fabric, combined from the best cotton and polyester blend for breathability.
  • Easy To Care For: Holds up to machine washing and drying. Wash normally in cold water and soap without bleach.

Size Chart:

Masketeer Size Chart

  • Material: Cotton/Polyester
  • Package Includes: 1 x Sleeveless Hoodie

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