Vortex Illusion Rug

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Size: 40*60CM
Shape: Square
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Create a mind-blowing VORTEX Hole on your floor! 😱
Premium 3D House Mat – Lalabonita
  • Get Amazing Reactions: This high quality, handcrafted 3D illusion mat will get some ‘wows’ and ‘whoa!’ from the friends and family!
  • The Illusion Works From ANY Angle: Don’t worry about the mat only looking ‘cool’ from just a certain angle. The vortex looks absolutely realistic no matter where you’re standing!

From The Front

From The Side

  • Environment-Friendly & Easy To Wash: Vortex Illusion  has a strong and durable, non-slip backing that is recyclable. The mat itself is made of 100% Soft Polyester that is water-resistant & machine washable.


  • Material: Soft Polyester (water-resistant, washable)
  • Size: Square 50 x 80 CM / Square 40 x 60 CM / Square 50*90CM / Square 80*120CM
  • Package Include: 1 x Vortex Illusion Rug

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